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Xiaomi elektrischer Mop für 83,82 € inkl. Versand

Xiaomi elektrischer Mop für 83,82 € inkl. Versand: 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne 5,00 von 5 Punkten, basieren auf 1 abgegebenen Stimme(n). - nur für registrierte User möglich

Bei Gearbest gibt es wieder ein Produkt im Angebot, mit dem ich schon länger liebäugel:

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Damit habt ihr einen echt guten Preis, bislang kostete der Mop noch deutlich über 100 €.

Hier habt ihr die Facts im Überblick:

  • High-frequency reciprocating sliding: The mopping frequency is up to 1000 times/min, the powerful motor delivers high-efficiency and thorough cleaning
  • Compact design with LED light: The right-angle design fits the corner streamline, and the LED light illuminates the dirt and stains
  • One-hand operation with long grip: One key operation, easy to open and spray, no need to stoop during operation
  • Flexible rotation, mopping without dead corner: The grip connects with the host by cardan joint method, so it can rotate from all angles
  • Powerful mopping pad, tackle multiple stains: The high-quality mopping pad with terry can tackle all kinds of stains without shedding or damaging
  • Three kinds of mopping pads for different user preferences: Normal durable mopping pad: spiral hard fiber can clean the dirt, soft fiber can absorb water. The two kinds of fibers are in opposite arrangement, which can tackle the stubborn stains easily
  • Durable terry mopping pad: with terry edge, it can absorb hairs by electrostatic principle
  • Disposable environmentally friendly mopping pad: adopting the degradable material, it features the great cleaning capacity without pollution
  • Built-in 2000mAh Li-ion battery: 2000mAh large battery capacity, it can use 50min continuously on a full charge, which can clean the 100 square meters room 3 – 4 times
  • Upright placement, automatic shutoff: Push up the grip to upright state, the host will lock automatically, safe and energy-saving
  • Power indicator: 3 power indicators display the 100 percent, 65 percent and 30 percent respectively
  • Water inlet design: Use the included measuring cup to add water, and the 0.5mm hole ensures even spray
  • Step-on mark design: Step on the mark to lift the machine, then you can replace the mopping pad

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