Die Staubsauger von Xiaomi aus der Jimmy-Serie hatten wir ja schön öfter mal im Blog – hier kommt ein kleiner, handlicher Vertreter.

Der Staubsauger hat eine ergonomische Form und liegt gut in der Hand. Mit 350Watt rückt er gegen Dreck und Staub vor.

Und hier die Eckdaten für euch:

  • 350W of Power and 22cm Wide Suction Inlet:
    The vacuum cleaner provides very strong suction to clean the curtain and carpets and couches.
  • Composite Roller Brush:
    Xiaomi Jimmy JV11 has a composite roller brush, about 35 mm, absorbing the dust generated by static electricity without damaging the fabric.
  • High Precision Mute Motor:
    Multi-seismic and noise reduction technology, to make it work well and the sound is soft.
  • UV Sterilization:
    The UV-C ultraviolet germicidal lamp is of 160mm,to kill the aphids and bacteria very effectively.
  • 99% Filter separation:
    The Vacuum Cleaner adopts multi-stage tornado filter advanced technology, the efficiency of separating dust from secondary pollution is up to 99%.
  • 0.4L Visible Dust Cup:
    Transparent dust cup, detachable and washable, fast and convenient clean.
  • High Frequency Tapping:
    14,000 times/min high-frequency tapping to ensure complete removal of mites.


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